One Banana, Banana Bread

September 9, 2013

It seems as though I perpetually have just one banana sitting on my counter for days after the bunch has gone.  No one wants to eat it.  It’s not worth freezing and I don’t want to throw it away.  The skin turns from taught, brilliant yellow to wrinkled, splotchy brown.  It sits… and sits.

Most recipes for banana bread that I’ve made call for three bananas, three ripe bananas.  Clearly, I’m out of luck most times with my one counter-sitting banana predicament.  Oh, the horror.  I could just as easily do a little math and divide my measurements in thirds… that would just make sense wouldn’t it!?  It’s just easier to peruse the Internet for a recipe that someone has already done their homework on.

One Banana Banana Bread from Simplified Feast 1

Ta-da.  Look no further… this one’s easy.  It makes only one loaf which is perfect.  It’s gone before I know it, so I don’t feel the need to eat a slice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner just to make myself feel I’m not wasting my baked goods.

One Banana Banana Bread from Simplified Feast 2

Slather with butter and consume.  However, butter needn’t be required, as this loaf keeps it’s moisture.  Enjoy and don’t ever throw that one banana away.

For the full recipe, click here: One Banana Banana Bread from Simplified Feast


One Response to “One Banana, Banana Bread”

  1. Ginny Martin Says:

    Guess what I have. 1 banana!! Going to try your recipe. Katy and I love your blog!

    Ginny Martin

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