Spring Garden

June 15, 2014

Ever since we started dating (practically), my fiance and I have always had a vegetable garden of sorts.  One very large one where we lived on an organic farm with chickens for a year and a few small ones in the different houses we’ve lived in along the way.  Doing yard work and maintaing a garden has been an prominent part of our relationship.  We’re not afraid to get dirt under our nails, sweat in the sunshine, or get covered in grass while weed-eating.  In fact, I think we kind of like it.

In November of last year, we moved into a neat home built in the very beginning of the 20th century.  It already had a preexisting, cheaply-fenced area in the back yard for a garden.  In early Spring after tilling the area, we we’re delighted to find that there was already some very rich soil begging to be used.

Below, I’m sharing some pictures of our Spring garden.  Granted, it probably won’t change much as things transition to the Summer growing season.  The existing plants will just grow larger and produce veggies for our own backyard farmer’s market.  We’ve already pulled out radishes where the leaves grew huge, but didn’t produce a single, round, spicy radish.  I’m not sure what went wrong there…

Anyways, I do not claim to be a Master Gardener, I just think it’s fun to grow your own vegetables and learn things along the way.  It’s important to me to understand how the vegetables I eat are grown, from the seed to the table.  Enjoy and I hope you’ll be inspired to grow something of your own.


We have a 15′ by 25′ space… Please look past the weeds, it’s a battle to keep things controlled!  Also, the garden is not situated in the best, sunniest spot.  The sun eventually hits the whole area as the day goes, though.


Left to right:  Dino Kale, Spinach, and Buttercrunch Lettuce (seeds sowed on 4/3/14).  Nothing has been harvested yet from here.


Okra…  Hopefully these will survive, they’re a little scraggly at this point.


Habanero Peppers (muy caliente!)


Jalapeno Peppers


Long Green Cucumbers.  Our hope is that the three plants will follow the sun and climb the fencing.


We didn’t plant this Hosta.  It came back from the previous year and is going to have flowers very soon!


We were delighted to find that the previous tenants had planted asparagus.  The spears are very small at this point and will probably need at least two more growing seasons before we can eat this asparagus.  For now, we’ll just enjoy the fern-like foliage and dream of homegrown asparagus in another year or two.


Japanese Eggplant


Yellow squash and zucchini


Orange Bell Pepper


Purple Bell Pepper


We also have three different kinds of tomato plants.  They were given to us by a very special friend of my Mom’s who lives in Richmond, VA.  She is, in fact, a real Master Gardener with a front and back yard full of lavish perennials, formal gardens, vegetable plants, and a pretty hardcore composting system.  I know that one is a Cherokee Purple, and the other two are of the cherry tomato variety.  So excited for these tomatoes!


Talk about fragrant… Spearmint.  Need to start experimenting (aka drinking lots of) with recipes for Mojitos and Mint Juleps!


For some extra fancy, I added these market lights around the fence perimeter.  It’s pretty magical at night.

Looking forward to sharing more as the growing season(s) progress!  Happy gardening, cooking, and eating!


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