Summer Garden

August 24, 2014

With August coming to a close, I thought I’d do a post showing some pictures of our backyard harvests.  I should just call this the Summer of Tomatoes, because we sure had A LOT of them.  Most pictures are from my Instagram page.

At this point, I’ve stopped trying to tame the weeds.  All of our zucchini and yellow squash plants have withered away.  I also now let Mother Nature do my watering for me, because truthfully if you spend more than 5 minutes in the garden, any exposed skin is attacked by mosquitoes.

Right now, we’re receiving bountiful amounts of jalapeno peppers, 3 kinds of tomatoes, okra, mint, and basil.  I have plans to make pesto as soon as I can dig my stash of pine nuts out of the freezer and dust off the food processor.

I’m now looking forward to homemade soup, roasted brussels sprouts, and the crisp days of Fall.

garden 8


garden 7


garden 6


garden 5


garden 4


garden 3


garden 2


garden 1


2 Responses to “Summer Garden”

  1. Marj Jenkins Says:

    mmmmm! Everything in your garden looks terrific (and I love your cute white sandals!)

  2. Ann Wright Says:

    Wow! I so love these lovely pictures of yummy beautiful veggie and from your garden!!! You are so smart!!! Enjoy cooking these beauties!!! wish I was there with you many hugs love Grannie Annie

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