Hello!  I’m Lauren and I’m glad you’re here.  Simplified Feast is meant for sharing my journey with food, photos, and musings of my life.

I’m a twenty-something year old living in North Carolina.  Over the last few years, cooking and baking have truly become a passion and my number one hobby.  I cook not only to nourish, but for the excitement and experimentation.  My formal education is in the fine arts, particularly printmaking and book arts, and I find that photography has always been a hobby.  At this time in my life, Simplified Feast serves as my creative and inspirational outlet to share with the world.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading all about the food I make, because I certainly do.  Happy reading and eating!  Cheers.


14 Responses to “Meet Lauren”

  1. Debbie Marks Says:

    So excited! Love what you have posted to date!!!

  2. Claudia Hunt Says:

    This is a great blog! I will become a faithful follower!

  3. Ginny Martin Says:


    Can’t wait to see more recipes – passing this along to Katy!!

  4. Jeanne Emmerson Says:

    Lauren, I made the mushrooms tonight! Sitting here with my husband over a glass (oops, empty bottle) of merlot talking about how incredible they were! I love your blog! Miss you!

  5. Darling grand Lauren tell me about this new endeavor??? Just saw it today let me hear from you dearest love you much Grannie Annie

  6. Sheliah Denney Says:

    Lauren, enjoying your blog! So many good recipes and your presentation is great! Looking forward to more!

  7. Tom Gregory Says:

    Good blog!

  8. Gail Huss Says:

    Girl, I am SO impressed! You’ve become quite the literary and culinary expert! Next step, Master Chef?

  9. Joan Tomasini Says:

    I’m blown away by your creativity! I’m a foodie and really enjoy your blog.

  10. Debbie Marks Says:

    Congrats on the engagement!!! He is a very lucky guy!!! The cabbage recipe is wonderful! Everyone loves it… Have made it three times already! So easy to fix!!!

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